01 November 2010

Jelly and Crisp Clothes

Alright, that title might be misleading.  No jelly recipe today.  I will save that for another time, though, as I have a few favorites.

This is laundry day!  Mr. Yeater wears a lot of suits, which means that he needs crisp, clean, pressed shirts.  I am not a whiz in housewifery, and it only recently occurred to me that the poor man has been without certain amenities in this marriage.  So, what do jelly and crisp clothing have in common?  Cornstarch!  A person can buy starching agents at the stores (apparently), but who wants to spend extra on something that could be made with things that are usually at home?

I found this video helpful (this is not me, but she is adorable).

How to Make Starch -- powered by eHow.com

   1 plastic spray bottle
   1 Tbs cornstarch
 approx 2 c water

Put cornstarch in the plastic bottle, then add water.  Secure the lid on the bottle and shake vigorously.  Voila!
Spray lightly on the cloth, then iron until dry.  Be careful of using too much!  I am sure that the Mister of the house will thank you, and none of us likes an overly starched skirt or shirt.

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