31 October 2010

Date Night

It has been a long week.  Mr. Yeater and I have been like roommates all week, barely speaking, and rushing around like the proverbial chicken.  I cannot imagine how busy we would be if we had children.  Kudos to those of you with offspring.  I can only imagine how things would be in our marriage if we continued in this fashion without stopping once in a while to remember why I married him, why he is my best friend.  We would soon be merely polite without feeling, ships passing in the night, living completely separate lives with barely a signal flashed in either direction.  How sad!  During the week, sometimes I have to stop myself mid-craze, then stop Mr. Yeater, and make sure that I give him a big hug (if one does this, please be sure that one is at a complete stop as an embrace while either party is moving can be awkward and dangerous).  We also make a point to schedule an occasional Date Night.

Mr. Yeater and I let only emergencies get in the way of this time.  We might cook dinner together, play a game, watch a favorite TV show or movie- whatever it is, we do it together.  There is no need to go out (especially in these economically difficult times, or if both are Introverts).  It gives us an opportunity to get to know each other again, to remember why we love each other, and, at times more importantly, why we like one another.  We are friends.  We enjoy spending time together.  That is why we chose to spend the rest of our lives together, forsaking all others.

I know that we are all very busy people.  There is always something to take up our time.  However, just as we exchange our hard earned money for something we feel has more value, we should 'buy out' our hard found time and energy for what is truly precious: our relationships.

So, enjoy your Date Night!

Copyright October 2010

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