31 January 2011

Super Bowl Cooler

Whether supporting the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers or enjoying the thought of a gathering of friends, the soda needs a place to chill.  Sure, one could dig out the coolers from the summer storage- by all means!  Let us, however, not forget what many of us already have in our homes: the top-loading washing machine.  Decorate, fill with ice and drinks, and have a ball.  When the party is over, the drinks all gone, let the ice melt and put it on the spin cycle.  If one's team wins, this is just one more victory; otherwise, at least it is one less chore to heap on one's upset.

What are some of your tricks for entertaining?

15 January 2011

Homemade Rice Heating Pack

With a age and congenital defects come aches and pains and wounds.  Mr. Yeater has had to take it easy the last couple of weeks because of these- meaning a lot of couch time.  This, for anyone who has not spent a  good deal of forced time doing so, can become a little painful for the back and neck.  Poor, Mr. Yeater!  A few days ago, he was in particular discomfort and our heating pad was nowhere to be found.  It would not have done much if we had.

In a flash of brilliance, I recalled our inventory of rice.  I keep a relatively large store of grains in my pantry.  I ran to our linen cupboard and grabbed

06 January 2011

Cutey Pants

Last Thursday evening, I received a note from Miss N.K. announcing a shopping trip to our local Goodwill store for the following day.  And I finally

05 January 2011

How Many Tomatoes Does It Take? or Home-Roasted Tomatoes

We all have our favorite standby meal for entertaining.  Mine is pasta- spaghetti, macaroni, what have you.  So, when Mr. Yeater took a day trip to Petoskey, and I invited a couple of friends to bear me company, I knew what to prepare for supper.  The only trouble was that I would be making
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