01 December 2010

Living Internationally

This is a little off of the beaten path, but I love to look at real estate listings.  I cannot afford anything, anywhere, ever, but I can dream... and laugh.  I was doing just that today, and I found the perfect place.

I have always wanted to go to London (if only to visit), and Look!  A large lounge.  A balcony overlooking the living space.  And a... bee?  That must be quite a Bee to merit mention in the listing!  I want to know:  Will he pay part of the rent and utilities?

Mr. Yeater and I like to play a little game with ourselves.  We pick up one of those free booklets with local and statewide real estate listings, and we pretend that we can have any one that we want.  There is a lot of laughter about the million-dollar listings.

     Mr. Yeater:  Hey, hun.  Why don't you buy us that house?
     Mrs. Yeater:  Sure.  Can I get a raise in my allowance?
     Mr. Yeater:  Absolutely.  From nuthin to nuthin and a half.

What made you laugh today?

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