24 November 2010

Gluten and Assorted

Let me apologize, please, for my dwindling updates of late.  Let me assure you that I am working on a couple of things at home, including a recipe (which will not happen until the middle of December) and getting that hair dye out of my towel.

I have recently concluded that I may have a gluten-sensitivity, not necessarily Celiac's disease.  I will not divulge my reasons just at this time, but there are a few hints that my body has given me.  It is a more common disorder than previously thought and my Candida dieting has cut a lot of foods out of my diet that I had not realized may be causing serious harm.  I have noticed that the Candida diet tends to be quite low in gluten (I had avoided wheat breads because of the yeast content and I had not made anything with the wheat flours).  Therefore, I am going to experiment.  I am going to cut gluten out of my diet for about a month then add it back and see what happens.  As a result, one might find a couple more Celiac-friendly recipes here, though, I want to help Candida-sufferers find edible recipes.  No doubt there are those afflicted with both maladies who may also benefit.

I realize that I am not a doctor, and therefore cannot diagnose even myself- though I do the best I can.  I will admit that I am one of the many in the United States unable to afford regular doctor's visits, and it is quite out of reach for me to undergo several tests et cetera on our budget.  I can, however, adjust my diet and apply scientific principles to testing for food allergies and sensitivities.  I cannot and do not recommend this.  I am not a trained nutritionist or physician.  I am a common denizen of the planet with access to the Internet and the Library and the Will to apply my limited Knowledge.  In my experience, diet has a lot to do with illness, so I try to make the inevitable trip to the grave as painless as possible.

Do you have any favorite gluten-free recipe or candida recipe?


  1. hmm...celiac? and gluten free? is there anything delicious left in the world that doesn't make the average human run praying for mercy to the nearest commode?

  2. @Norma Jean: Fresh veggies?

    @Mrs. Yeater: you may not be a doctor but you know your own body better than any of them ever will. I'll tell you what my doctor once told me: "you know your body and how things make you feel. if it affects you adversely - don't eat it."

  3. @The Bunneh: Thank you!

    @Norma Jean: I love veggies and chicken and fish and steak! Mmmm... Creative cookery.


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