11 November 2010

Shhh! It Is a Secret (expired)

I love finding deals and the chance for "free" money.

I was in Victoria's Secret the other day, choking on the necessity of spending that kind of money on anything.  I tried on clothes for almost an hour.  And I finally found what I needed.  I brought it to the register, prepared to walk out one package heavier and several dollars lighter.  While I did not have a coupon (for shame!), and I did pay full price, I was pleasantly surprised.  The sales clerk handed me a little booklet with a card in it.

These cards, apparently, are worth some money.  He told me to come back into the store between the first and nineteenth of December to redeem it on my next purchase.  How much is on this card?  I do not know!  No one knows (but the shadow does) until the first of December.  The minimum is ten dollars, but it could be up to five hundred (5-0-0) dollars!  Do I need anymore incentive than nearly free money to shop there again?  I am all anticipation.  I do not even care if it is only ten dollars.

Happy shopping!

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