10 November 2010

I Want My Buttons Backed

It is the season to bring out the winter coats!  I have lost quite a bit of weight since last year, so the buttons need to be moved back to their original places.  It is a minor alteration, but very important for both form and function.

Typically, I would just take the button and sew it on.  Simple Susan.  However, it occurred to me that these buttons are used hardly, by which I mean often and under some strain.  My clothes have to work harder in the winter than otherwise with all of the sitting, standing, on again, off again.  Perhaps they would benefit from some added support on the opposite side?  An anchor to keep the thread from shredding the lining and coming through the coat itself?

I have a nifty sewing kit that was given me as a wedding present from a wonderfully supportive friend.  In it was a small container with many, many little buttons that would be fantastic for this purpose.  Out they came, the smooth, translucent, plastic discs, into my palm.  One at a time, I fastened these one or two times to the inside of the coat where the primary button will be on the reverse side.  Then I attached the primary button, taking care to run the threads through both sets of holes in the buttons.

When I am finished, I test it!  Are they strong?  Will it withstand buttoning and re-buttoning?  Tug, twist, up, down, turn around... in the mood for food!

Inside of the coat
It is a little sloppy because it got cold here rather fast and I procrastinated to the point of rushing this in the morning before running out the door.  At least it does not look like this on the front.

Outer button.  Pretty!
Now I have my winter coat in use, and  it will certainly be tried- hopefully to be found true.  Are you ready for winter?

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  1. "Are you ready for winter?"

    physically, yes... mentally...absolutely NOT!


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