19 October 2010

Sweet Powdery Snow

You wake up in the morning.  The sun is streaming in through the window, bathing you in a warm glow.  You stretch and yawn with a contented smile.  Today is going to be a good day.  You get out of bed.  You wrap yourself in your coziest morning clothes and make your way to the kitchen.  "What shall I have for breakfast?"  You ask yourself.  French toast!  The bread is dipped in well-beaten eggs and placed on the hot pan to fry.  SSSSssssss, it hisses on contact.  The savory aroma of eggs and toast waft into your nostrils.  You close your eyes in blissful anticipation.  Flip!  And another delightful hiss.  Down goes the heat on the burner and the toast hits the plate with a satisfying Plop.  A tall glass of orange juice and breakfast is nearly perfect.  Now to sprinkle these delectable slices with sweet, powdery snow: confectioners sugar.  But, wait!  Where is it?  You rip open all of the cupboards, tear behind every spice and herb and baking supply- all to no avail.  All you find is a container of regular, granulated sugar.  Today was supposed to be a good day...  You could settle for the granulated sugar and bite into those fluffy pillows of ambrosia with a crunch, crunch, crunch.  No!  It will never do!  Suddenly, you recall a tidbit shared by a friend renowned for her kitchen ingenuity.  So you rush to the cupboard containing your blender.  You set it on the counter, plug it in, and pour a cup of granulated sugar into it.  A skeptical digit presses Pulverize and waits agonizing moments, hovering over the buttons, until at  last the grinding whir of the blender has accomplished its noble deed.  Mere coarse mediocrity has become a delicious dusting of powdery nectar.  A slow smile creeps upon your features.  Today is going to be a good day.

Copyright October 2010

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