22 October 2010

Salmon Soup

I promised in a previous recipe that I would try this recipe this week.  Plus, the parsley was not going to last very long in the refrigerator.  I got this from the same Book as the Blini Tiny Russian Pancakes.

Serves: 1
1 Serving= approx 7 POINTS (recheck the figure for broth instead of water and butter)
     8 oz liquid (the books calls for chicken broth, but I did not have any, so I used water and about 4 tsp clarified butter)
     5 oz salmon fillet, cooked and shredded
     3 scallions (also known as green onions if you are unable to find 'scallions' at the grocer's)
   1/2 lemon's juice
     a few sprigs of parsley, chopped

In a medium saucepan, simmer the broth about 3 minutes.  Continue to simmer as salmon, scallions, parsley, and the juice of half a lemon are added.  Let it continue to simmer about 15 minutes (cook up the Blini during this time- make sure the batter is ready before hand).  Serve with the pancakes on a side plate.  Garnish these with plain yogurt.

Review:  I tried this last night without the pancakes.  It was a light soup that was surprisingly pleasant.  One might think that the scallions may leave one with 'onion breath.'  Rather, the palate is left feeling fresh and the stomach comfortable.  Next time I will use chicken broth instead of water and butter.  Until then, let me know what you think.

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