06 January 2011

Cutey Pants

Last Thursday evening, I received a note from Miss N.K. announcing a shopping trip to our local Goodwill store for the following day.  And I finally
had a couple of dollars to spend.  Thank you, Mother!  I rarely shop with The Girls, so I was filled with anticipation and could barely sleep.

Every time I go into Goodwill, I just know that there is some magnificent prize hidden among the average and mundane.  Tremulous with this ambition, we all entered our warehouse of thrift.  I did not know for what I was searching- only that I would know when I had found it.  We started in a group of six and quickly shifted shape like a nebulous vapor.  Pairing and separating, grouping and gathering; at once separate and together.  There was a method to our madness:  never shop beside someone of your same size or with your style.  No arguing over who gets what.  Fortunately for me, no one in the group was my size, and none of my friends has my style.  I searched the shoes.  I ferreted through shirts, skirts, belts, and kitchen things.  And then, I found it.  

At first, I dismissed it as too wild.  Too silly.  I walked away from it, but I kept returning.  My mindset is still a little set in its dark and somber mode and needs an extroverted kick.  After circling and circling back, I finally said to myself, "These are fun!  And, frankly, I like them!"  Off the rack they flew into my arms.  The Girls thought I was crazy.  After all, none of them would ever think of wearing bright pink, paisley capri pants.  

The Pants!  O, for Goodness' sake, the Pants!

The only other thing that I bought that day was a package of cherry candies for Mr. Yeater.  I was so thrilled with my purchase, that I wore them all of that evening (after washing them, of course).  I even wore them while roasting the tomatoes for supper.  Needless to say, I had fun! because these are the kinds of pants that one wears to have fun.  I have always been a serious-minded individual, but I try to remember that levity is a key spice of life.  These pants will go a long way in that direction.

Do you have any fun buys?  What kind of finds have you gotten at thrift stores?

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