27 December 2010

Ten Excuses

Ten Excuses for Not Updating... or anything else

1)  I was "trapped in an oil painting"
2)  A giant pile of laundry grew legs and trapped me in a week long battle for
3)  I was lost in a chocolatey brownie
4)  I participated in a trial for Anti-Drowning Water
5)  The Anti-Drowning Water success spawned the bio-engineering of Anti-Dying Grass
6)  I lost the bologna for my peek-a-boo sandwich
7)  When Miss RH says that she is cuddly because she wears Cuddl Duds, she does not mean "cuddle duds"
8)  I was kidnapped by the captain of a free-trader's ship in 1807
9)  My petticoats had no starch in them
10)  Apparently one pound of tomatoes is needed per person

I am sorry to all of you who have been kind enough to bear with my unannounced hiatus.  I really do appreciate your visits and hope that you will continue.  A lot has been happening around here, so I hope that you enjoy my excuses and forgive me for them.

Do you have any favorite excuses that you use?  Or wish that you could?

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