14 December 2010

Sleep and Press

Mr. Yeater and I do not "vacation" per se, but we attend about three conventions each year.  Two of these weekends generally require an overnight stay.  When we arrive in our hotel room, I make a thorough check
of the mattress and sheets for signs of Infestation.  I have not heard reports that the spread of this particular pest has reached these northern parts, but it does not hurt to be sure.  Satisfied with the findings, we set about unpacking.  For Mr. Yeater, this involves hanging suits and dress shirts and placing the ties with the correct suit.  At times, no matter how carefully we pack the clothes and hang the garment bags in the car, the pants and ties will invariably become a little creased.

We could, perhaps, simply iron them in the morning or while we unpack, but who wants to spend any part of the trip ironing? Lifting the mattress- with the help of Mr. Yeater, of course- I place the pants and tie to be worn the next day on the box spring.  I straighten and flatten them so that the wrinkles do not set.  Then, very carefully, lower the mattress.  All that is left to do is to eat supper, suit up, and head to the pool!  In the morning, I enlist Mr. Yeater once again to lift the mattress.  I gather the pants and tie, which should no longer wear the creases of the previous day's travel, and lay them on the other bed.  Now we may dress, wrinkle-free, and attend the Convention in well-arranged ensembles without fuss and bother.

How do you make more time on your vacations?

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