06 December 2010

Lose That Bitter in a Pinch

So, the coffee grounds have been sitting in the cupboard or fridge for about a month.  Did we buy too much?  Probably.  Did we buy a cheap brand that used to be good, but whose quality has slowly declined since its hay-day?  Most likely.  We look forward to that little indulgence with growing reticence.  It is still good.  However, the bitter aftertaste is a bit off-putting and one must drown it with flavored creamer to make it palatable.  By then, one wonders why the coffee was made at all if we are to drink creamer and sugar.  I am a Coffee-Snob with a Gas station coffee budget.  Eew.

I have read a few tips here and there about how to be rid of the bitter and to bring out the intrinsic flavors of  the coffee bean without having to completely obliterate it with adulterations.  Until recently, I have rolled my eyes and continued on my merry way without so much as a moment's genuine consideration.  This morning, however, Mr. Yeater and I had had enough and we decided to try something.  In a magazine that I have received from America's Test Kitchen, it suggested one-eighth of a teaspoon of salt added to the grounds for a full (eight to ten cups) pot of coffee.  We use a small "four cup" pot, so we added just under a pinch to the dry grounds in the filter.  We did nothing else to the coffee except to prepare it in the usual way.  Would you know it?  It actually worked.  The coffee was still bitter the way that coffee should be without the lip-puckering and face-scrunching that typically accompanies bad coffee.  Suddenly, it was bearable, and rather pleasant. 

So, the next time the coffee is bitter, make a new pot with a little salt added to the grounds.  Enjoy!

What is your favorite morning drink?

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