15 November 2010

Vinegar Softener

Are you sick of vinegar yet?  So various are its uses that it could probably fill a book.  Perhaps it does.  Here is another!

While growing up, we rarely used fabric softener- though I was a strong advocate for that adorable little bear who frequently landed in piles of laundry and giggled.  We were content with clean, if a little scratchy, towels.  I loved new towels.  They were so soft and snuggly, and I always missed that feeling.  Unfortunately, it is not always cost effective to purchase fabric softener for regular use.  I still want soft towels.  I do not want them so softened that they no longer wick away the beads of water from my skin, only a little more indulgent of my desire for some luxury in these straightened times.

What is very cost effective nowadays?  Hmmm....  Vinegar!  A great big jug of distilled white vinegar can be found for about two dollars and it has so many uses.  One of these is Fabric Softener.  A little can be added to or substitute for commercial fabric softeners and without making the towels and clothing smell like vinegar. Why not give it a try?

Do you have any favorite uses for vinegar around the house?

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