06 November 2010

Muddy Piglets in progress

Life is quickly passing.  So much occurs to preoccupy the mind.  Have you ever been upset over something about which nothing could be done- at least, by you?  "Control freak" that I am, I frequently find myself in this predicament.  So, rather than brood and stress, I find busy work for my hands.

This is my therapy.  I find it rather tedious, and that is what I need.  Cross-stitching is something I have only begun within the last year, but it has relaxed me so and I do not know how I got on without it.  It occupies my mind enough to distract me from my concerns, but it is not quite so absorbing that I am unable to lightly converse with my husband in the evenings.  Ah!  The very image of domesticity.  A lady at work by her loom or hoop while the lord reads his paper (though, in this case, the lord of the house enjoys his programs on the television).  

While this particular project is in progress, I will be sure to share the finished product- though it does not exactly match the chart because I need more thread.  If you would like to know where I got this chart, let me know.

What do you do to preoccupy your mind?

Copyright November 2010

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