27 November 2010

Meijer Turkey Deal (expired)

Is there a Meijer in your neighborhood?  Do you need more turkey?  Today is the last day- until midnight tonight!  Mr. Yeater and I went into our local Meijer store and picked up a twenty-three pound turkey.  Its original price was $39.14; with a $16.00 discount at the checkout, its end price was $23.14.  There is a catch!  To get this discount, one must purchase an additional twenty dollar's worth of merchandise (see the sales flier for exclusions).  If, however, one does not want a colossal bird in their freezer and only a large one, there is a $9.00 discount for turkey's weighing closer to ten pounds.  Get it while it lasts!

Turkey is Winter's fare.  Mr. Yeater and I find turkey to be a fantastic investment.  As we are only two, one bird will feed us for weeks, and sometimes months when the cooked meat is frozen- well worth the one time lump sum (which hurts a little at first).  It was a life-saver for us a few years back when we only had $75-$100 for one month's groceries (and non-groceries like TP, soap, and laundry detergent).  I'll be turning the turkey into chili, sandwiches, soups, etc.  Mmmm...  Our behemoth is defrosting in the refrigerator and should be done by Thursday.  I cannot wait!

1 comment:

  1. do you know that i would like to be home and snagging turkey from you right now?


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