04 November 2010

70% Off Gift Certificates (expired)

Mr. Yeater and I have some wonderful friends that have helped us a lot in this last year, and slowly we hope to repay them with a gift.  I recently found a wonderful website which will help us to do just that.  It offers discounted gift certificates to local restaurants (wherever is local for one).  The value of these gift certificates is higher than what we pay for them and it allows us to get some joy in giving back to our loved ones little by little in appreciation of their friendship.  It also has promotions throughout the year that further lowers the price.  I shared one last week, but I had only discovered it on the second to last day.  This time, I have advanced notice!

The site: Restaurant.com registration is FREE
The deal:  70% off = $25.00 for $3.00-$4.50 as an example (offers amounts of $10, $25, $50, $100)
Promo code: MEAL
Expiration: 8 November, 2010

I just bought two for a couple of friends that could probably use a night out as much as the rest of us.  So, whether you gift yourself, or present your friends and family, enjoy this great deal.

This is not a paid or compensated article.  I just love a good deal.

Copyright November 2010

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