25 October 2010

Without a Dryer

So, you've moved to the country, little Town Mouse, and your new home has a hook-up for a washer and dryer but you have only a washer and cannot afford to buy the other.  You have visited the local laundromat and are underwhelmed.  Plus, you do not want to sit there for hours waiting for your clothes to dry when there are so many other things to do!  You have noted with relief that at least the porch is long and covered.  So far you have been hanging the clothes in the house in front of the fire, which works, but it is cluttered.  Off to the hardware store!

You will need some rope, several hook screws, and definitely some clothespins.  Did you know that they have a rope specifically for hanging out the clothes?  They do not soak up the water from wet clothing and so they do not mold and must.  They are usually fairly inexpensive and one can get out of the store for less than $20 (depending on the area and the store, of course).  Time to set up!

At home, you survey the conditions once more.  You get out your measuring tape (or tailor's tape for those whose husbands have hidden the measuring tape on you- I know your sewing kit will be unpacked!) and figure out where your hooks will be.  How high these are placed depends on your height and other needs.  Make sure it is at a comfortable height.  Practice with your arms up because it will take a while to hang up the clothes. Then, measure out your clothesline and tie it up- make it taught.  As time goes by it will slacken and you will need to make adjustments.  You now have a dryer!

Winter is coming, so those with outdoor "dryers" will be experiencing some fun-ness particular to freezing temperatures.  Hints for this will come later.

Copyright October 2010

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