29 October 2010

Vinegar Newspaper

Double whammy today.  Have you ever found yourself with almost no money, more piles of newspaper than you know what to do with, and dirty windows/mirrors?  Time to get out your handy-dandy white vinegar!  It truly is a versatile wonder.

Things you will need:
    1/2 c distilled vinegar
 1 1/2 c water
       1 plastic spray bottle
       1 clean rag
       Plenty of newsprint

Pour vinegar and water into the plastic spray bottle.  Make sure it is closed; shake well.  Spray glass surface then wipe with the rag, followed by polishing with the crumpled newsprint.

1 liter Great Value distilled vinegar...$1.67
Water... usually FREE
Spray bottle at the Dollar General... $1.00
Rag... FREE if you have a mismatched sock lying around or something similar
Newsprint...FREE (most urban/suburban areas have free college newspapers etc.; or you can use the free classifieds circulars in the mail)
Total cost... $2.67 plus tax (approximation based on brand, locality, and time)

Newsprint removes water spots and can be used on its own in a pinch.
Mr. Yeater also suggests a couple drops of dish detergent instead of vinegar because he likes the smell better.

Copyright Octobe 2010

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